3 Useless Apple Watch Icons

I’m an avid Apple Watch user. I really really like it. I could not imagine my day without it.  The Apple Watch is not, however, without its problems. I generally find the globs of menu circles to be quite difficult to navigate, so I whittle down my icons to only those apps that I regularly use, removing the rest from the interface altogether.  Then there are “The Unremovables,” those apps that Apple deems required for all Apple Watches. Of those, these have to be my least favorite three:

  1. The orange clock,
  2. The orange clock, and
  3. The orange clock

I have never tapped any of these on purpose as it is impossible for my brain to understand the difference between them at a glance. Conceivably, from left to right they are for alarms, timers, and… more timers? I “sort” these little bastards to the far edge of the menu globs where I’ll never see them.

Not pictured here but deserving of a dishonorable mention is the “world clock” icon, which is yet another orange circle with a white circle in it.

Needless to say, whenever I need to do anything that deals with time, I either just look at the watch’s face or tell Siri to “set alarm for 5am,” for example. It really would be great, though, to be able to remove these from the display.

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